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Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

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Wings of Hope Living Forward

Wings of Hope Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

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We welcome you to Wings of Hope Living Forward Helping
Grieving Parents Heal Together
This website is a Resource Center for parents and grandparents in grief to find healing retreats, groups, books, grief information, non-profits started by other grieving parents, counseling, memory crafts, anything you may need in order to heal from your loss. The loss of a child is one of the most devastating events an individual will ever experience. It takes years to start to feel normal again knowing that your life will never be the same. As a foundation we want to bring grieving parents together in all their endevors wheather they have their own non-profit, planned retreats, group, counseling practice, gift shop or cause. Together we can make things happen when apart we fall and feel left alone.
Grieving Parents never want their children forgotten. Join us and show a special tribute to your child in the Wings of Hope Living Forward Memory Album. Our store offers memory decals for your car window, memory teeshirts, jewelry, and other items as well as memorial crafts lovingly made by other parents experiencing child loss such as quilts, memory bears, remembrance candles and more.


Join us on a healing retreat for five to seven days in a tranquil peaceful environment.  

Become a part of our organization by becoming a State Leader or Regional Chairman in your home state, by running a fundraiser in your area, or volunteering at one of our on-going retreats

Our retreats bring grieving parents together that have suffered the unimaginable nightmare of child loss. When grieving parents attend our retreats they find others who understand  child loss and want to share about their children. Hope and strength are renewed and grieving parents find purpose again for their lives as they learn to live forward one day at a time.
Do you have a non-profit? Share your non-profit with us so others can find you. Sell your books, cookbooks, and crafts from Wings of Hope Living Forward website.  Be sure to visit Upcoming Events and save us to your favorites because new information is added daily.  Share our foundatin with all of your friends and groups. We care about all parents and grandparents who need hope, love and friendship after the loss of a child in any way at any age. Contact us to add your tribute to your child or ask any questions.
Grief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing Retreats

Sharing Memories of Retreats and Get-Togethers

Grief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing Retreats

Donate to Wings of Hope Living ForwardWings of Hope Living Forward Inc. brings grieving parents and grandparents together for three to seven day retreats in beautiful homes that accomodate twenty to fifty people. We are asking for donations to secure our upcoming retreats. The vacation homes have a policy and ask for half the amount at the time of booking and some agents are not willing to work with us while we collect the monies from our parents. Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc. is in the process of securing our retreat facilities for two more retreats in 2014 and four to six retreats in 2015. Without the proper funding, it is impossible.

If you know a parent who has lost a child, we are sure you have seen the pain and despair that now controls these grieving parents. Hope is lost and many become only a shell, trying to just survive another day.

We hope you will help us and Donate today. Your donation is 100% tax deductable. Other proceeds from the money donated is used to help provide balloon releases and special ceremonies for the retreats, crafts for workshops,  literature, giveaways, and distribution to inform the public about how to treat a grieving parent. Donations also assist greiving parents who  desperately need to attend a retreat and cannot afford to go.

Please share this site with your friends and family and help us to help grieving parents and grandparents together to find a new normal after child loss. Your donation or purchase is very much appreciated.

Please take a look at our Gatlinburg Retreat Photos, reviews and Video.

Thank you in advance for your donation.Donate to Wings of Hope Living Forward

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Congratulations to Donna Coster, winner of the Seraphim Angel.


This beautiful Lucinda Glorious Dream Angel was given away April 15, 2014.

Each month Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc. will be featuring a non-profit organization on our front page. The organizations are created by other grieving parents in memory of their child to help keep their memory alive and to help others. We welcome any and all organization to link with us and all we ask is for the organization to place a link to Wings of Hope Living Forward on their website. Be sure to visit this months featured organization.....Endless Joy, a healing haven for bereaved parents to find comfort and rest on their journey from mourning to joy.

About Kenny Rutz Endless Joy Foundation:  The Kenny Rutz Endless Joy foundation was founded as a memorial for our son, Kenny Rutz who died in January 2012 at the age of 21.  We are faith-based nonprofit corporation welcome to persons of all belief and are in the process of receiving our 501c(3) status as an affiliate of International Association of Ministries.  Founder, Michelle Rutz, will be walking 1000 kilometers on the Camino de Santiago this fall, in memory of her son, and to raise funds for the foundation.

Our mission is to provide support, comfort and education for bereaved parents by providing a place of healing retreat.  Currently we are offering one-day retreats in Apple Hill California.  Our intended goal is to raise funds to establish a healing retreat for bereaved parents, currently in Apple Hill and eventually, on the island of Kauai.

The Foundation accepts donations from individuals and businesses. If you are looking for a charity to support please consider Endless Joy. Funds are continuely needed.

Please Sign
Parental Bereavement Leave
(The Farley-Kluger Initiative
to Amend the FMLA)

We support Kelly Farley, Founder of the Grieving Dads Project ( and Barry Kluger, Author and grieving father, in their efforts to make these necessary changes and allow the time needed to begin the healing process.




Wings of Hope-Living Forward Inc. operates as a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization in the state of Pennsylvania. The official registration of the Wing of Hope Living Forward Inc. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Donations may be given by visiting the donation page of our web site.

Please contact our webmaster if run across any broken links so we can get them fixed promptly. Thank you.

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