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Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

Wings of Hope Living Forward

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Wings of Hope Living Forward

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Wings of Hope Living Forward

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Wings of Hope Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward
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Wings of Hope Living Forward

Wings of Hope Living Forward

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Wings of Hope Living Forward

Wings of Hope Living Forward

Wings of Hope Grief Living Forward

We welcome you to Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc.
Providing Hope, Compassion and Friendship to the grieving

In 2013-2014 Wings of Hope Living Forward Nonprofit has helped many parents who have lost a child attend grief and healing retreats in various cities in the United States. Sadly, there are millions of parents each year seriously affected by child loss. A majority of the parents left behind suffer from extreme guilt, anger, PTSD and fear for their surviving family members. They also experience anxiety, loss of appetite, uncontrollable tears and panic attacks making it very difficult to work or function in a public environment. Suddenly surviving parents find themselves facing financial distress due to funeral costs, loss of employment and in many cases high medical bills.  Bereaved parents find it difficult to adjust to the change in their family not only during holidays but every day.  Their health and general overall well-being is greatly affected due to child loss and in many instances the family suffers because the parent is no longer the same person they were when their child was alive.

Wings of Hope Living Forward gives bereaved parents an opportunity to come together, learn coping skills, attend workshops, share their child with others, honor their child(ren) with a candle lighting, balloon releases and much more at their scheduled retreats.  By coming together with others they have an opportunity to  make new friends to replace the friends they have lost after the death of their child. More importantly, they were given the chance to develop confidence and to know they are not alone on a long never-ending journey. Renewed hope and strength are found and they learn how to grieve healthy.

A parent who experience child loss, loses a part of themselves. Suddenly their hopes and dreams for the future are lost. Nothing is ever the same. They search desperately for answers to the pain and grief they experience and they become withdrawn and lonely.  Wings of Hope Living Forward IS making a DIFFERENCE!  We are bringing parents together to heal and find new “HOPE”.

Our goal for 2014-2015 is to continue to assist parents who have lost a child to attend our retreats.  We can’t do this alone and need sponsors to help us reach our goals. Will you help us meet our goal?

Here is how your gift will impact our retreats: All donations  go toward the retreat rental home, Candle lighting ceremony (each parent receives a candle with their child’s photo), a tribute video in memory of our children Gone to Soon, balloon releases, area excursions, workshop materials, handouts, food and much more.


Here is what some of our attendees have to say about the impact Wings of Hope Living Forward’s retreats had on their lives:

“What a blessing, I came home strong and filled with hope. The retreat was such a healing journey, to be with others who understand. The workshops/meetings were very helpful. Thank you for these events, you have been a lifesaver. Bless you and everyone who was a part of this, you will never know how much it means to me.” – Kathy

“Be ready to laugh, cry, or to quietly meditate. We came from all walks of life but, shared the common bond of missing our precious children. You will walk away with new friends who understand & accept you as you are. You'll shake some of those bad feelings that have slipped into your very being such as fear & guilt. It's like a dose of "spring tonic" You'll leave with a new perspective on life as we know it now.” – Melanie



Attending a Wings of Hope Living Forward Retreat gives you hope for a better tomorrow. The masks fall off immediately. New friends are made and we learn how to find our joy once more. No matter how long it has been-it's never to early in Grief to join us. Your heart will be happy you did.

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You might recognize the title of this article from an advertising slogan for an automotive product several years ago. The idea was that if you spend a little bit of money on maintenance now, you might save a tremendous amount of money, replacing an entire engine, later. Let’s take a look at how unresolved grief relates to this slogan. Read More on Unresolved Grief
National Grief Convention 2015

Bringing grief out of the darkness and into the light.

JW Marriott, Indianapolis, Indiana

Details coming soon.


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Join us on a healing retreat for five to seven days in a tranquil peaceful environment.  

Currently we have spots available in Fort Lauderdale Florida in February 2015, Virginia Beach May 2015.

Our retreats bring grieving parents together that have suffered the unimaginable nightmare of child loss. When grieving parents attend our retreats they find others who understand  child loss and want to share about their children. Hope and strength are renewed and grieving parents find purpose again for their lives as they learn to live forward one day at a time.
Grief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing Retreats

Sharing Memories of Retreats and Get-Togethers

Grief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing RetreatsGrief and Healing Retreats

Each month Wings of Hope Living Forward Inc. will be featuring a non-profit organization on our front page. The organizations are created by other grieving parents in memory of their child to help keep their memory alive and to help others. We welcome any and all organization to link with us and all we ask is for the organization to place a link to Wings of Hope Living Forward on their website. Be sure to visit this months featured organization.....

Ball Parks 4 Him

Non Profit Charitable Foundation created in memory of 7 year old Zachary Siegfried. We are making the youths sport dreams of today a reality of tomorrow. WE BELIEVE IN YOU!

Company Overview
Our goal is to help assist children with their sports financial needs.
We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play no matter the ability to pay.

 Ball Parks 4 Him is a non profit foundation that assist youth with their sports financial needs in memory of 7 year old Zachary Siegfried. For more information please visit


Please Sign
Parental Bereavement Leave
(The Farley-Kluger Initiative
to Amend the FMLA)

We support Kelly Farley, Founder of the Grieving Dads Project ( and Barry Kluger, Author and grieving father, in their efforts to make these necessary changes and allow the time needed to begin the healing process.




Wings of Hope-Living Forward Inc. operates as a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization in the state of Pennsylvania. The official registration of the Wing of Hope Living Forward Inc. may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Donations may be given by visiting the donation page of our web site.

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